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    Product Name:Omni-λBright 600 Tunable Light Source with Uniform Light Output

    Model: Omni-λBright 600

    Supplier: zolix

    Omni-λBright 600 Tunable Light Source with Uniform Light Output 

    For the image sensor industry, accurate knowledge of its quantum efficiency and spectral responsivity are essential to product performance, and for the image sensor characterization, one uniform and stability monochromatic light is very important. In the Omni-λBright 600 unit, the monochromatic light beam uniformity is 98%. The exit port diameter of integrating sphere is 25 mm.
    Highest light levels and dynamic range for image sensor characterization
    Uniform spectral irradiance
    Controllable monochrome light levels
    Software Development Kit


    CCD/CMOS cameras, UV/IR sensors and Photoelectric devices


    Measurement structure diagram for CCD/CMOS 

     ModelOmni-λBright 300Omni-λBright 600Omni-λBright 900
    DescriptionTunable Light Source with Fiber OutputTunable Light Source with Uniform Light OutputTunable Light Source with Rotating Output Flange
    Optical Power22mW(90°exit port, grating, bandpass & wavelength dependent)
    Light Source75W Xenon
    Light Source Stability0.5%
    Beam Uniformity-98%-
    Beam Diameter--1mm(Min.)
    Spectral Range260-1000 nm
    Bandpass1 nm~22nm Continuously adjustable
    Wavelength Resolution±0.2 nm
    Wavelength Reproducibility±0.1 nm
    Optical axis height160 mm (185mm with base plate)
    Size870 mm*320 mm*335 mm
    Weight30 kg
    InterfaceUSB 2.0USB 2.0USB 2.0

     Each Omni-λBright unit sold to a customer is tested prior to shipping to confirm that the unit meets factory standards. The final test data included with each unit includes: •Optical power from 260 to 1000 nm; •Wavelength repeatability, accuracy and resolution

     Ordering Information 
    Omni- λBright300Tunable Light Source with Fiber Output, including spectrograph, light source, filter wheel and fiber.
    Omni- λBright600Tunable Light Source Uniform Light Output, including spectrograph, light source, filter wheel and integrating sphere.
    Omni- λBright900Tunable Light Source with Rotating Output Flange, including spectrograph, light source, filter wheel and Rotating Output Flange.
    Omni-ShutterCShutter Option in Entrance Slit
    EMSLIT3mm Entrance Motorized Slit
    OMSLIT3mm Exit Motorized Slit

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