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    Product Name:Solar Cell Current Voltage (I-V) Characteristic Measurement System


    Supplier: Zolix

                                       Solar Cell Current Voltage (I-V)
                                                  Characteristic Measurement System

    Solar Cell Current Voltage (I-V) Characteristic Measurement System includes Solar Simulator,
    SourceMeter with IV Tester Software, Standard Solar Cell,Sample Holder;
    Measure the illuminated and dark conditions for the I-V curves
    Measure Voc, Isc, Jsc, Vmpp, Impp, FF, Eta.
    Dark current subtraction function
    Standard solar cell correction function
    1.     Full IV characteristic measurement and analysis solution.
    2.     Complies with IEC 60904-9 international standard
    3.     Probe shadow minimality, reduces measurement errors
    4.     Temperature control function, IEC 60904-5standard testing condition
    5.     Vacuum hold stage for samples
    6.     Graphical user interface software
    7.     Excel, ASII,XML data export
    8.     Print function, with automatic test report generation

    System Performance
    Spectral MatchAM1.5G Class A
    Spot Irradiance1200W/m2
    Spot Area40x40mm50x50mm100x100mm150x150mm
    Current Measurement0-1A0-5A
    Voltage Source Output0-20V0-40V
    Spatial Uniformity of Irradiance≦2%(Class A)≦5%(Class B)<5%(Class B)≦5%(Class B)
    Light Intensity Stability≦2%(Class A)≦2%(Class A)≦2%(Class A)≦2%(Class A)


    Solar Simulator
    Solar Simulator are used to simulate “real”solar radiation conditions and are widely used
    for the photovoltaic device research and QA etc.It will be used to measure Single Crystal Silicon Polycrystalline Silicon,Thin Film.DSSC.Organic Cell,III-V Semiconductor

    Class A Spectral Match
    Optical Intensity Stability < 0.5%
    Built in Timer, monitoring the bulb operating time
    Automatic Shutter Control
    High performance at a reasonable cost
    System Performance
    Spectral Match0.75-1.25(AM1.5G)
    Spot Irradiance1200W/㎡
    Spot Area40x40mm50x50mm100x100mm150x150mm
    Spot Uniformity<2%<5%<5%<5%
    Beam Parallelism±4°(semiangle)

    Solar Simulator Evaluation Standard
    Spectral MatchCompare the optical intensity within the six
    wavelength ranges
    (400-500-600-700-800-900-1100 nm).
    Solar Simulator / AM1.5G
    Spot UniformityTest the irradiance in the testing area.
    Calculate the MaxD of the data.
    < 2%< 5%< 10%
    StabilityTest the fixed point irradiance in the testing
    area. Calculate the MaxD of the data in 1min.
    < 2%< 5%< 10%

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