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    Zolix is the professional R & D and manufacturer of spectrograph instruments from 1999.
    Zolix Spectrograph instrument is an excellent choice to integrate in your experiment setup, include Spectrographs, Monochromators: 150mm / 300mm / 500mm / 750mm / SGM100, and ancillary components including a variety of different light sources for UV-VIS-NIR-FIR operation, such as Tungsten-Halogen Light Source, Xenon Light Source, SiC infrared light source; Data Collection Systems. Main features: modular product, flexibility, fully automated, and easily to build spectroscopy measurement system. They are suited to a wide variety of applications.


    Solar Cell System
     Fluorescence Spectrometer Modular Raman Spectrometer Integrated System & Application
    Spectrograph & Monochromator Integrated System & Application Light Source Detector Assemblies
    Data Acquisition Unit & Photon Counting Accessories Related Products Software

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