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    The solution of Hyperspectral imaging detection system on damage detection of the surface of the fruit and vegetable pollution

    It  is always pay attention to the problem that the  surface of the fruit and vegetable pollution and damage (such as animal manure, slightly injured, sick or injured, insect) detection for producers and consumers.Either the detection method of ordinary have damage on the surface of fruits and vegetables, or can only detect the characterization, no in-depth analysis and detection
    The wavelength of Zolix Hyperspectral imaging detection system is 400-1000nm; Comprehensive exposure time, scanning speed and spectrum correction information can be collected, including 2D imaging information and the 3D wavelength
    information on the "three-dimensional" image; In addition to the system can make our very closetwo images with different wavelength;
    Also can get continuous spectrum curve of arbitrary pixel and not different spectral curve with matter. Thus they can realize the nondestructive detection in the fruit and vegetable surface contamination and nondestructive detection process,
    It can be obtained the samples of the whole image &spectral information quickly and accurately



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